About Us

Our team consists of a total of 10 people. Combined we have experience in programming and hacking of over 10 years. Out of those 10 people we have one web-designer, a website-manager and 8 programmers. We have a programmer on every skill level and decoding the algorithms of serials and redeem-codes is one of our easiest tasks, because we are able to access leaked information from a lot of connections.

In the past we only created our tools for the VIP sections of several forums and users had to pay for the tool in order to receive it, but we decided to share all of our tools on this website for free and make them available to regular users. However, we do have a safety lock on our server in order to keep the hack tools safe from being patched and still somewhat exclusive. Don’t worry though, all you have to do is fill out a small survey in order to receive the best hack tools for Facebook games, Android Games, iOS Games and many other useful stuff.

We are excited to present all of our tools to you and truly thanks full for every happy user,

Hackcheatgame.com Team